Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the following safety standards:

ISO 22000 certification, implying the ability to provide liposomal formulations and services that are safe and in accordance with their intended use.

You can read more about ISO standards here

GMP certification, assuring adherence to the European code of practices and general principles of food hygiene throughout the complete cycle of production and quality control of liposomal supplements.

You can read more about GMP certification here

US FDA registration, meaning our liquid liposomal products are able to be exported and consumed in the USA.

You can read more about FDA standards here

For children 2 and over, we highly recommend taking our Liposomal Multivitamin alongside the Liposomal Magnesium every day, as this will provide the widest range of support necessary for normal growth and development.

As far as we know the only products that might cause issues when taken alongside Mighty Kids magnesium are those that already contain extremely large amounts of magnesium. Please check with your health care team for advice on specific products.

Magnesium deficiency appears to be much more common than magnesium excess. Cases where magnesium has caused severe adverse effects have typically involved doses of around 5,000 mg/day magnesium*, which is 100 times greater than the dose we recommend for ages 5 and above.

*Taken from the National Institute of Health website:

Our liposomal products all contain natural flavours extracted directly from fruits.

Liposomal Magnesium: Mango flavour

Liposomal Multivitamin: Dragonfruit flavour

Liposomal Vitamin C: Orange & Vanilla flavour

Liposomal Vitamin D3/K2: Unflavoured but still sweetened

Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) is the daily intake for a nutrient that has been found adequate to prevent deficiency. In other words, it's the minimum amount of a nutrient that should be taken each day to avoid deficiencies that can contribute to health issues. The authorities who decide on NRVs also issue a quantity called the Upper Limit (UL), which is the maximum amount of a nutrient that is considered safe. The quantity of each nutrient contained in certain products sits between the NRV and UL: in other words it is greater than the minimum required amount, but less than the maximum safe amount.

The difference between the NRV and UL varies. Whereas it is safe to take vitamin C in doses far exceeding the NRV, taking larger amounts of a mineral such as iron is usually not advisable.

The quantities are based on the experimental evidence available to the panels who derive them, and are being continually reevaluated in the light of more recent studies.

An in depth explanation by an independent scientist of how nutrient reference values were developed can be found here:

Maltodextrin is a common stabilizer for many ingredients, including vitamin K2. It is generally recognised as safe when taken in ordinary amounts. In our Vitamin D3 & K2 product it is used only as a carrier in very small amounts, and so it is classed as an "incidental ingredient" as opposed to a direct ingredient. This means that by law we are not actually required to include it on our labels, but we do so as part of our commitment to transparency.
We are currently reformulating this supplement to remove this ingredient entirely.

You can dilute the supplements in juice, milk, yoghurt, or even jelly. You can add on top of not-too-hot porridge, or stir into a smoothie. Taking the supplements with a spoonful of lemon or lime juice really helps for the kids who struggle with the sweet taste. If you are really struggling, it may be helpful to split the dosage into 2 or more servings throughout the day to make it easier to disguise. There is no loss of effectiveness if the supplement is diluted or split into smaller doses.

We also have some great recipes on our Instagram page for homemade gummies, and chocolates using the Mighty Kids Supplements.

 * Please note that the supplements must not be heated, frozen, or blended as this will denature the liposomes and reduce efficiency. 

While we have labelled for 2+, our SINGLE liposomal supplements- Vitamin C, Vitamin D3/K2, Magnesium- can be taken from 12 months with parental discretion. You need to ensure your child is not already on an infant formula, fortified milk, or other supplements that contain high amounts of these ingredients. Please check labels for these amounts. 

Please note: 

Our Liposomal Multivitamin is specifically formulated for ages 2-12 so we advise waiting until that time for this one. 

We do not advise giving supplements to children under 12 months.

With the liposomal delivery system, the mineral is released slowly into the bloodstream and normal levels will just build up over time so it’s not entirely necessary to have a set time (it does not work like melatonin or a sleeping pill). However, some parents have reported great results giving it just before bedtime if relaxation or better sleep is the main goal of supplementing. If the main concern is addressing behaviour or anxiety, then giving it in the morning can be useful.

Mighty Kids Supplements are shelf stable for 10 months from date of purchase UNOPENED and should be kept away from sunlight and heat. 

Once opened, they should be refrigerated and used within 2 months. Shake well before each use! 

If you are traveling, the supplements will be fine out of the fridge for a couple days. Keep them tightly sealed, and in as cool and dark a spot you can find. 

This is not a concern! Magnesium is just a natural mineral required by the body for normal function, and it is a mineral that cannot be made by the body so it is necessary to obtain through diet or supplementation. In the same way you need consistent intake of fruits and vegetables, and do not develop a dependency as such, Magnesium continually provides the body with what it needs. It does not behave in the body like a sleeping pill or even melatonin.

If you notice that behaviour or sleep issues arise after some time if you discontinue the Magnesium, this does not suggest a dependancy, but rather is an indicator that Magnesium levels in the body have dropped again since it is a mineral that cannot be made by the body.

Mighty Kids Magnesium uses a liposomal encapsulation system, which is a very powerful method of delivering bioavailable Magnesium to the body. A result of this innovative technique is the formation of harmless crystals, due to the alkaline properties of Magnesium reacting to the carriers.

The safety and efficiency of the product remain unchanged. Current solutions involve loading the formula with chemical additives, which we could not allow. 

We are still working with our manufacturer on ways to reduce this without compromising the quality and safety of ingredients, but after months of research we have not found a suitable immediate solution, and so feel it is best to educate our wonderful customers on the reasons behind it and hope you share our view that it is better to have a more natural product with variation then a chemically loaded one with less inconsistencies.

In the same way that natural honey or pressed apple juice will incur crystallisation or sediment and separation over time, these bits do not alter the safety or effectiveness of the product and are in fact, proof of the variability in texture and colour that can happen with natural products, due to seasonal changes (this can also cause changes in colour from batch to batch). 

Yes! All the supplements in our range are Vegan and completely free of allergens- this includes dairy, soy, gluten, wheat, nuts, eggs, and more!

We do use natural fruit flavours so if your child is allergic to Apple or Mango or Dragonfruit these supplements will NOT be suitable.

All of our supplements are minerals and vitamins required by the body and do not contain any pharmaceutical ingredients. However, we cannot provide any medical advice, and do recommend that you consult your health care team with regards to any other medications or medical conditions. All dosage and ingredients can be found on the product pages for your reference. 

For most children, Iron and Calcium are very easily accessible through diet. We felt it was safest to not include them, because they are 2 of the minerals that can store in the tissues, and this is a higher risk for kids. Supplementation of these is really only required if diagnosed as deficient.
We included Vitamin C which helps the body absorb and direct iron where it needs to go and Vitamin D/K2, which helps the body do the same with Calcium.

We work with specialists for optimal formulations of all our supplements, including the ingredients and amounts of each.

We spent 12 months of research with every manufacturer in the UK before looking further afield. We would have preferred to keep things within the UK, but the quality of product was our highest priority and unfortunately, no UK manufacturers could meet our requirements.

One of the biggest advantages to the manufacturer we chose was their own private source of Seabuckthorn- a natural preservative , as opposed to artificial preservatives offered by all UK manufacturers. The chemical Ethanol was also a requirement of all UK manufacturers in the liposomal field which we could not have accepted as suitable.

While a certain type of Magnesium is often prescribed for this (Magnesium Citrate), the form we use is Magnesium Bisglycinate. This form of Magnesium will support the natural digestive process by working as a stool softener, drawing water into the intestines, and working as an osmotic laxative. This increase in water stimulates bowel motion by softening and increasing the size of the stool. This prompts a bowel movement and helps to make stools easier to pass but it does not cause a stimulant laxative effect.

Our liposomal Multivitamin was specially formulated with experts to children’s normal dietary needs, and considers the amounts recommended to prevent deficiencies while also allowing for room to further supplement through diet or other supplements such as additional Vitamin C, and adding in Magnesium.

Another factor considered is the bioavailability of the liposomal aspect, which is proven to be up to 12 times more absorbent than other standard supplements.
So even though another supplement may have HIGHER ratios of a particular nutrient, the body may actually absorb and use even LESS than it would using our our liposomal multivitamin with a smaller amount.

We exercised caution around Iron and Calcium particularly, as unless medically advised to supplement, there is a risk of it storing in the tissues.

Everything in the liposomal Multivitamin is very gentle and safe, yet highly effective.

Our adult Magnesium, Vitamin C, and D3/K2 are extremely supportive and beneficial during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding. Pregnancy can significantly deplete a woman's mineral stores and the demands of breastfeeding means the body will continue to burn through water soluble nutrients like Magnesium and Vitamin C at a rapid rate.

Our line of liposomal supplements are safe, and gentle, and under proper dosage there is no concern of the baby receiving too much through the milk. 

If you are already on a prenatal supplement, it is important to check that it does not contain high amounts of any of these vitamins or minerals. A good place to understand the Upper Tolerable Limits of vitamins and minerals can be found here:

It is important to note that glycerol is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, and it does provide some health benefits, including preventing dehydration. However, the concern arises when there is an excess used in manufactured products.

In the case of the advice set out by the Food Standards Agency in the UK, this was specifically in regard to slush-ice drinks which were found to contain an excessively high amount of added glycerol. For reference, this was at the level of 50,000mg/ per litre. Which would be 5,000mg/ per ml. 

An entire bottle of our kids Magnesium supplement, for example, contains 87.5mg of Glycerol. (In comparison, this would be 1,250,000mg in a bottle if it was at the level of what food manufacturers were putting into ice slushies!)

Even at a high daily dosage of our supplements, for most children, it would be extremely unlikely that they would even get near the amount that poses risk- and this would likely be only if they were severely underweight or suffered additional nutritional deficiencies, as the guidelines set out by the FSA are dependant on body weight. But at the recommended dosage listed on the bottle, the level of glycerol content is FAR below the threshold. 

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