How it all started

Mighty Kids Supplements was founded by entrepreneur, avid health researcher, and Mum of 4 boys, Rachael Whittaker.

After dealing with severe health anxiety following the birth of her first child, and spending nearly a decade engrossed in the latest nutritional science, Rachael studied to qualify as a dietary supplement advisor with the Health Science Academy. She decided to take the knowledge she had gained, pair it with the best possible option in manufacturing standards, and create the highest quality, most effective supplements that she had been looking to find for her own children.

This is how Mighty Kids Supplements became the first UK company to design liposomal supplements specifically for children. More information about the unique and powerful advantages of the liposomal delivery method is below.

Rachael began sharing health and nutrition findings, nourishing meal ideas, and her own struggles online, and has now built a large community of like-minded parents looking to make the absolute best choices for their families.

Follow along here for useful advice, nourishing food ideas, and the latest on our supplement line:

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We are currently a small (but mighty!) team, committed to providing busy parents with peace of mind through addressing common nutritional gaps with the safest, most efficient supplements, and the best in customer service and information!

What Makes Mighty Kids Different?

Our supplements are packed into liposomes for maximum absorption, use only a natural preservative (sea buckthorn extract), and are sugar-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan and ethanol-free. We ticked every box!

Liposomal encapsulation is an innovative technology enabling nutrients to be protected within a natural “lipid” (meaning fatty) layer, called a liposome. Many ordinary supplements are easily damaged by the enzymes in saliva or by our stomach acid. Liposomes help to deliver nutrients through the stomach to their site of action, without them being destroyed or losing effectiveness.

This increases how easily and quickly the body can use the encapsulated vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown our liposomal supplements to have the highest, statistically significant bioavailability and absorption rates compared to other standard supplements.

More information on this is available here: Liposomal bioavailability studies explained – Mighty Kids (mightykidssupplements.co.uk)

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