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Headaches, migraines and low magnesium

Rachael Whittaker

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For parents it’s so difficult to see our children struggle in pain with headaches & migraines! We want to do all we can to understand it, and to support them.

The literature is clear on the link between low magnesium and headaches / migraines – many studies demonstrate this.

Giving Magnesium supplements to support headaches/migraines offers a natural alternative to medication / pain killers (that usually bring further issues).

When the body shows symptoms, it’s shouting out that it’s lacking in something – it needs support. Nobody is low on drugs but many people are low in vital minerals & vitamins.

Suppressing migraines with pain killers doesn’t give the body what it’s lacking, however in the case of headaches giving magnesium supplements absolutely could do.

Multiple studies suggest a relationship between magnesium deficiency and headaches. See below clinical evidence supporting the use of magnesium for the treatment of headaches and migraines:

Study 1

Study 2


Rachael WhittakerRachael is the mum behind Mighty Kids! On days when her children are behaving she loves to learn, and to share her knowledge with other parents.

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