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Vitamin C – a powerful antihistamine

Rachael Whittaker

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Vitamin C is the greatest natural antihistamine. I struggled with chronic hay fever all my life until I started taking vitamin C, and I’ve never had it again since.

Allergies, asthma, skin conditions, and hay fever are immune responses triggered by allergens that cause inflammation and the release of free radicals. Vitamin C is the best antioxidant, which helps neutralise these free radicals, reducing the damage they can cause to cells and tissues.

Oxidative stress is also a major culprit in allergic diseases. (Oxidative stress happens when our antioxidant levels are low; there are too many free radicals, which are the baddies causing damage to our cells, and not enough antioxidants, such as vitamin C, to defend our cells.)

Where do free radicals come from? Toxins, pollution, bad cooking oils, and sugar are typical sources. Vitamin C is the most powerful antioxidant to defend against oxidative stress.

Because Vitamin C is the most powerful anti-histamine, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory, it acts as an incredible support against allergies (see studies linked below). Studies have shown that Vitamin C decreases inflammation, swelling, and related symptoms that happen at the site of an allergic reaction.

For more about Vitamin C, see this study where the Mighty Kids liposomal vitamin C was shown to be absorbed 12 times more effectively than other vitamin C supplements.


Rachael WhittakerRachael is the mum behind Mighty Kids! On days when her children are behaving she loves to learn, and to share her knowledge with other parents.

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