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Are vitamin gummies always bad!?!?

Mighty Kids

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We’ve all seen the classic vitamin gums for kids. The packet says they’ve got the recommended daily allowance of vitamin c, which sounds great. Sure, they probably won’t do too much harm… and hey, they look like sweets, so kids might actually be willing to eat them!

But the problem is that most of the nutrients are destroyed by stomach acids, and so never get absorbed. Another way of saying this is that they have low bioavailability. On this blog post last month we looked at a study comparing the bioavailability of our liposomal vitamin c with that of ordinary vitamins, such as typical gummies. We saw that Mighty Kids vitamin c was absorbed far more quickly, more effectively, and over a much longer period than ordinary vitamins like gummies.

Wouldn’t it be great if the benefits of liposomal technology could be combined with the sweety appeal of gummies? In this video Rachael shows us how to make something truly revolutionary… the world’s first liposomal gummies! Please note that these cannot be frozen, and they should be refrigerated and consumed within 4 days.

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